In front of the magnificent backdrop of the historic facility gallant stallions and a symphony orchestra enchant the spectators each year with unforgettable moments.  An extraordinary experience is created by combining the most popular masterpieces of classical music with the challenging and diversified choreographies of the four- legged protagonists. In 2018 the Symphony of Stallions will be presenting “ A Movie Symphony” with famous soundtracks of blockbusters and iconic movies.

The historic scenery transforms into an open-air concert hall. Thereto the famous stallions of the NRW State Stud are presented in unique performances. No spectator can escape the enchantment of the Symphony of Stallions when the flambeaus light the gourmet boulevard around the romantic plaza and the historic buildings are artfully illuminated during a warm summer night.

Opening Hours

Admission box office open at 5pm, visiting of stables possible


An adequate number of parking places for automobiles are available at the Lohwall (around 5 minutes to walk). Parking places for busses are located in the Sternbergstraße and at the Lohwall.