Stallion Keeping

The State Stud runs a network of 19 stallion stations for cover and insemination throughout Westphalia and Rhineland. All of them are managed by skilled personnel. The stud keeps an average stock of 65 warmblood and 25 draft stallions. The main task in breeding coldblood horses is to preserve valuable genes.

German Riding School

The German Riding School was incorporated into the Warendorf State Stud in 1968. It offers courses and exams for professional riders, amateur riders and horse show officials, e. g. judges. The Five-Star Driving School holds courses and exams at all levels from driving badge to driving instructor. Around 50 stallions and geldings are stabled in the German Riding School for the training of its pupils.

Equestrian Sport

Besides just being used for breeding, Warendorf stallions are also successfully competed in horse shows. Through their success they are not only advertisement for the Stud, but their quality contributes to the good image of horses found in Northrhine-Westphalia.

Training and Education

At present, the State Stud offers 22 educational spots for future professionals with focus either in riding and in breeding. Thus being one of the largest employers who take trainees for these professions. Furthermore, the State Stud is a recognized training place for qualified personnel in the field of insemination technique as well as for horse owners who do the insemination in their own stock of horses.

Stallion Performance Testing Center

Stallions have been tested in the Warendorf State Stud since 1906. Since 1997, coldbloods are also being tested in a one-day field test at the State Stud. Since 2009 there is a 30-day test for Haflinger stallions as well.


In the middle of August, the „Symphony of Stallions“ has meanwhile found its permanent place on the calendar of events. On three dates – at the end of September and beginning of October – the State Stud holds its traditional annual Stallion Parades.