All principles of the cover stations are inseminators and can transfer fresh semen without extra insemination fee.

The semen is delivered to insemination stations, veterinarians, agricultural economists for insemination business, insemination commissioners or so-called own stock- inseminators. They are only allowed to use the semen by order of the above-named insemination stations just for the mare listed on the associated semen usage list. If the semen transfer to the planned mare is for any reason not possible, the semen must not be used for another mare without the explicit agreement of the insemination station.

When the fixed charge is paid, the fresh semen of the stallions covering in this method is provided by the insemination stations for a semen transfer to breeder stables. On request, the semen can be picked up by order of the veterinarians/insemination commissioners from the insemination stations or can be submitted per express delivery by the Deutsche Post or other shipping companies at cost and risk of the mare owner.

From the first of March of 2018 a courier service is assigned for the semen transport to all the cover stations of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud, which guarantee that, the gained fresh semen is delivered to the cover and insemination stations of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud on the same day (except Sundays and holidays). For that a cost lump sum of 70€ is charged for each mare, which involves up to four transports to the particular cover station. If one mare needs more than four inseminations, a fee of 25€ has to be paid for the transport from the fifth insemination onwards.

For inseminations at the breeder’s barn a cost lump sum inclusive the transport costs is charged due the following scale:

  • Up to 15 km distance 10,00€
  • Up to 30 km distance 20,00€
  • Up to 50 km distance 30,00€
  • From 50 km distance onwards every kilometer driven 0,30€

The insemination station allocates a transport container for the payment of the buying price (currently 5€). This container has the ability to guarantee the asked temperature for fresh semen for a certain time, due to the isolated packaging. The delivery charges for the container are calculated separately.

The dispensing of the fresh semen from the insemination station happens at cost and risk of the buyer. The semen must not reach a different degree of cold than +5°C until insemination. Immediately after the arrival at the recipient, the transport container with the fresh semen shall be stored in the fridge (not freezer!) until the time of insemination. It is desirable to inseminate the semen within 24 hours after its extraction. Thereby a preferably early registration of the semen requirement at the insemination station is necessary.

In each case an insemination order and a temporary semen usage list is provided with the semen per portion. The insemination station obliges the Veterinarian/ insemination commissioners or so-called own stock- inseminators to fill out the bottom half of this proof and send it back to the insemination station immediately.

Breeders, who received a prepared covering certificate and stud fee receipt from the horse breeding association, need to send it to the above-named insemination stations for the registration of the insemination dates immediately. After the registration of the insemination dates the covering certificate goes back to the mare owner.